Just a few questions I have that just don’t seem to make much sense. Please let me know what your answers are to these questions!

**President Obama says he is all for equal opportunity and that all people should have the chance for a good education so they are able to participate and compete in the global marketplace.  Most states offer a school voucher program that allows kids within bad school districts to move to better schools in order to get a good education. Currently 90% of the vouchers are being used by kids in poverty trying desperately to get out of the schools rated “D” and “F”.Question: Why is Obama and Eric Holder suing individual states to stop them from offering school vouchers?

**Did you know that IBM offered to do the website for Obamacare for free? Did you know that CGI was already charged with defrauding Canada and that the Senior Vice President of CGI was Michelle Obama’s best friends and college roommates?Why would Obama refuse this and then spend $684 million on a failed website?

**Why would Obama, after firing CGI, hire Accenture, a company that has already defrauded the US government? Why has this job not been put out to bid as the law requires?

**Why would Obama take the work requirement out of welfare and unemployment?

** The House has put forth a bill that requires that the Administration warn Americans when their personal information has been compromised through the Obamacare website. Obama has vowed to veto this bill. Why?

**Why would Obama refuse to sign off on the Keystone Pipeline when it could stop America’s dependence on the Middle East for oil and claim it will only bring in 50 jobs when his own  government reports say it would bring the US back to economic stability and create thousands of jobs?

**Why does Obama continue to regulate small business into bankruptcy when they employ 70% of Americans?

**Why does the Supreme Court call a fine a tax? When you are charged a fee for not participating in the government’s forced Healthcare system, even when you are happily insured elsewhere, why are you taxed and not fined?

**Why is Obama able to tell the American people that they can keep their policies and their doctors if they like them before his election, and then not made accountable for lying after his election?

**Why do you hear that there were 1.8 million dead people that voted in the 2012 election but they never backed those numbers out before declaring a winner?

**Why is Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats sitting on 420 bills passed in the house, including job creation bills, the keystone pipeline and tax cuts? Reid refuses to put them up for a vote. Why would they refuse to vote on bills that would create jobs and help Americans and the economy get back on track? Why is one individual able to hold the entire economy and the American people hostage?

**Why would Obama force a $4.5 million fine on Nuns who help the poor because they refuse to supply an abortion pill to it’s flock?

**Why would Obama and Hillary claim that 4 dead Americans was the result of a Video when they know within 18 minutes that it was a terrorist attack and then refuse to send help?

**Why, after the IRS admitted to targeting Americans for their political beliefs and proof positive that Ingram shared taxpayer information with the Federal Election Commission (this is illegal) the FBI claims…”no crime here” while never interviewing the 282 victims?

**Why has Eric Holder not been held responsible for “Fast and Furious” even as we continue to hear news stories of Americans being killed by the guns he sent to Mexico?

**Why has Eric Holder not been charged for committing purjury during his testimony to Congress about the Fox News Scandal?

**Why has Obama not spoken out about the persecution and killings of Christians around the globe, while defending Muslims?

** Why has the food stamp program gone from $17 billion to $78 billion under Obama’s watch?

**Why would Obama be spending $41.3 million a year on advertising to recruit food stamp recepients?

**Why do women make $15-20,000 less than their male counterparts in the White House while Obama claims they should be paid equally?

**Why is Obama waging a war on the Coal industry when they supply 40% of the Nations energy?

**Why would Obama promise to bail out the Insurance companies with taxpayers money if his signature Healthcare bill fails?

**Why was the United States downgraded from 6th to 12th for Economic Freedom under Obama?

**Why does welfare pay more per hour than minimum wage under Obama?

**Why has the unemployment rate not improved in 6 years under this President, while 525,00 have just given up trying to find a job?

**Why has the worker participation rate moved to 62.8%, the lowest in 36 years under the Obama Presidency?

**Why is the government, under Obama, allowed to investigate itself?

**Why, if Obama claims to  want income equality for all Americans, are there more Americans in poverty that anytime in US history and 47 million more Americans on food stamps since he took office?

Why are we running our of Social Security money, but never welfare?



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2 thoughts on “Questions?

  1. Kim Metts says:

    good questions! Keep up the good work. Love your new blog. It is blessed.

  2. Patti says:

    Cloward-Piven strategy is the part A answer. Part B is planned failure of ACA and the end of the middle class and part C is robbery of the the top earners to be redistributed to entitlement programs. All lead to one thing. Complete and total control of US citizens and the nullification of our constitution

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