Politics, Religion or Family?

In these days, there is more divisiveness then ever, in my memory.  We have cut off friends, dissed family members and basically decided to draw a line in the sand when it comes to Politics and Religion.

I just knew this would never happen to me. I would never feel so strong about my views on Politics and Religion that I would knowingly and purposefully move away from family members and friends who feel differently?  Would I? The answer is “yes” I would.

The direction in which this country is moving has reached a point where I feel it has threatened not only my current lifestyle, but has put the very future of my children at risk, and placed me in a position to have to defend my belief in God. Never, in my wildest dreams,  would I have ever thought that to express my belief in God would put my very being in the path of potential violence. Christians are being targeted on a daily basis throughout the world and killed for their beliefs.  Our current Administration has chosen to ignore this very threat to its citizens in the United States and abroad.  I feel I must make decisions to protect my family and their future, even if that means disassociating with friends and members of my own family. Is this the right attitude to take? Is this the Christian path God has planned for me? Is it true that to live a life as a Christian is to live a life of persecution?

The current state of our world has forced me to search out and learn more about the Bible and God has taken the forefront in my life. I have always considered myself to be a Christian, but have realized of late, that my actual position and the truth about my beliefs are not where I thought they were. Attending Church for the purpose of “attending” church as fallen into an abyss.  I no longer seek out organized religion as it seems to have become as crooked and off center as Politics. Those who claim to want to lead us into salvation have been sidetracked from their intended path by money, power and greed. I am much more in touch with God and my beliefs since I have decided to study on my own.  With our access to technology, there are so many options open to us. I have found wonderful lessons and dedicated teachings in Stephen Armstrong through his site, versebyverseministry.org and through lectures and insight with Ravi Zacharias, via www.rzim.org.  I no longer feel the need to “take seat time” in my local church.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not condemning church attendance, but I have noticed that organized religion has taken a path that follows the money and not necessarily the path that follows God. I am able to study the Bible and follow the anointed teachings of those who have dedicated their lives to God and have found my faith to be deeper and more purpose driven.

Today, we are flirting with the total dissipation of a culture. God has been dismissed from government, schools and our court houses, even though our country was founded “under God”. We have been made to acquiesce to other cultures and religions while being asked to dismiss our own God. The United States has always prided itself on the “freedom of religion” and the tolerance and inclusion of other cultures and religions. But we see, the dissemination of our own beliefs and the destruction and fall of the very thing that bound us together and made us the envy of the world.

I have seen gatherings in Washington and time given to the “Atheists ” of America and their  support of the “mocking and confronting of Christians.” Is this the lessons we want our children to learn? Are we ok with belittling and mocking those who think differently then us? Is “bullying” the course we want our kids to take? If this belief was the backbone of America, would we have become the example to the world of freedom and opportunity? As stated by Riva Zacharias, ” In a world of civility you do not mock a counter perspective you dialog with it.” “Take an idea and debate it, you do not need to mock the person.”

I guess a question we need to ask ourselves,  “Is is possible for one man or one woman to lead millions into untold evil?” Could Hitler happen again? Would we or could we follow a leader who divides the country and asks that we disrespect or mock those that believe differently from us. “These days its not just that the line between right and wrong that has been made unclear, today Christians are being asked by our culture to erase the lines and move the fences, and if that were not bad enough, we are being asked to join in the celebration cry by those who have thrown off the restraints religion had imposed upon them. It is not just that they ask we accept, but they now demand of us to celebrate it too.”- Riva Zacharias.

Let us not forget the damage and destruction realized from the divisiveness created by world leaders.  It has been and remains the one thing that can lead us directly into hell, but not the Hell that we have read about in the teachings of the Bible, but the one designed intentionally by those who have chosen power over righteousness.

Where do you stand? What is your breaking point? Are you willing to let go of your basic beliefs and the teachings of the bible to keep the peace? Unfortunately, we have reached a “jumping off” place that demands the choice be made……family, politics or faith?

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4 thoughts on “Politics, Religion or Family?

  1. David Altschul says:

    On divisiveness: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. wrote that he disliked about Communists the same trait he disliked about Abolitionists: their reflex to denigrate all who disagreed as being knaves or fools…From my own view, people who deny or reject our relationship with God, and who therefore have no authentic sense of self, spot-weld their emotional identities onto the dogma or ideology of the moment, and experience incovenient truths as assaults on their survival. On: could Hitler happen again? We had a government-created economic crisis into which a young, charismatic, blame-casting silver-tongued Jew-hater sprang promising redemption if only the absolute power of further government control were to be placed in his incontinent and inexperienced National Socialist hands. At least since 1903, there has been a movement in the US, funded by the wealthy, to have the education-industry turn out obedient, dependent sheep incapable of long-term, much less independent, thought

  2. Kim Metts says:

    No mater the division our command is clear. Serve God for the benefit of others. He would have NONE perish. It is his determination and his judgement. We are also told to “Stand.” Stand on the ROCK, stand on the WORD of God, stand on Truth. When the houses built on other things finally tumble. We will be left to STAND.

  3. Gale Smith says:

    Leigh, this is a well thought out piece and I agree with your assessments. Thank you for taking the time to capture your ideas and sharing.

    • Leigh says:

      So glad you like it. I would really appreciate it if you could share the site with others. Trying to get it out there! Thanks Gale!

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