Do Words Matter? Do Promises Matter?

Do words matter? Do promises matter? Do you expect follow through and accountability when you have someone, anyone,  make a promise to you?  Does it matter if you voted in an election for a candidate based on the promises they made, yet neglected to fulfill?  At what point should you expect or demand that promises be kept? At what point and in what situation can we make them accountable?

Let’s start by looking at the basic, legal definition and elements of  a contract, promise or agreement.

1- The parties have a mutual understanding of what the contract covers? (“I promise if you vote for me”)

2- The contract involves an offer to another party, who accepts the offer. (Vote for me and I will fulfill the promise)

3-In order to be valid, the parties to a contract must exchange something of value. (Your vote)

4-In order to be enforceable, the action contemplated by the contract must be completed.  (you voted, they are elected)

If the terms of the oral contract can be proved or are admitted by the other party, an oral contract is every bit as enforceable as one that is in writing.

So, should we be able to sue our government or a politically elected official or remove them from office,  if they have made a promise to get your vote and then decided not to fulfill that promise after they have been elected?

How did we get to a point in our society that we no longer make our elected officials accountable for the promises they make? How do we make them accountable? Most Americans would respond that you make them accountable when you go to the voting booth in the next election. However, how much damage can an elected official do in the time they are in office before you have the opportunity to vote them out? Two years, four years, eight years? How many times will they defy the promises they made within that time? How do you get the public to remember each and every promise that was made and broken? How do we watch and listen to past promises and yet just shake our heads while we watch those promises continuously broken. In this day and age of ever progressing technology, why do our Politicians continue to lie, when they know these promises are accessible to all via the internet? Do they really care about us, or are they only concerned about being elected? With our technology, do they have too much information available on our attitudes and preferences so they know the needed promises to make in order to get elected, all the while knowing they have no intention of fulfilling them? Do they know we won’t act or we won’t care, or we are so inundated with information that we will forget the promises made? Do they know all the while, there is nothing we can do about it in a respectable amount of time to prevent them from doing exactly the opposite of what they promised? Where do you stand? How accountable can we make our elected officials? Can we change the laws to make them accountable to the American people? If they could be removed from office if they were found to have knowingly lied, would the promises become more sincere? I think we should make them accountable, after all if is supposed to be a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

On a side note, I spent my entire morning going through news papers, new clips, press conferences, campaign trails and video after video putting together an article on the many statements made by President Barack Obama from his days as a Senator of Illinois through his Presidency today. I amassed so much information, it was mind boggling. However, as I began my third page on conflicting statements and promises made, I came across a video that basically says it all.  So, please watch and enjoy….

“Do Words Matter?”

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4 thoughts on “Do Words Matter? Do Promises Matter?

  1. Kim Metts says:

    Words. God himself placed the greatest importance on words…in the form of a person. Just read John 1. In human terms, words don’t seem to carry as much weight. But they are indeed the true character of a man or woman. They are the truth or the lie; the condemnation or the justification. They teach your children right and wrong; express the highest form of love. They can also send you to the electric chair or turn you into a saint. Why? Because words are intended to equal action. Unfortunately today, and especially politians, talk too much – with little or no intent or character. Empy words, empty promises, no consequence. But there-in lies the rub. There are always consequences. You can not MAKE anyone stand by the words that come from their mouth. We have all experienced this frustration on a daily basis. What we can do is make sure that our own words mean what they say. That we let our yes be yes and our no be no. And then raise our voices as a unified trumpet and vow “we’re not going to take it anymore.”

  2. Gale says:

    Words only matter if those who read or hear them make them matter. This article is well done and starts with the focus on promises made and how or if there is a remedy to promises not kept. Sadly what is at stake in promises leading to votes rendered is the foundational freedom that we in the United States are granted by our maker and guaranteed by our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. There are many advantages that technology provides but an unfortuate side effect is the ‘sound-byte’ mentality that enables the glib ‘restructuring’ of words to confuse what was said or meant. Our freedoms are threatened daily by the ‘progressive, Alinskyites’ who are afraid to call themselves by their true identiy of socialists. Our values count, our character counts, our libery counts, but we have to fight to get them back, to retain them, and to protect them.

  3. Cliff says:

    We’ve learned over the years that words can mean anything people decide they mean……usually AFTER an occurrence or event in which one is caught with hands in the “cookie jar”. AND if the definition is in the best interest of our “elected” officials to accept the definition, (primarily due to their shared guilt) life goes on as though nothing happened. The populace makes little fuse over the matter because their daily lives have not been adversely affected. In turn, they adopt the new terminology and ensuing definitions and the country as a whole takes a big step into the pit along with our children.

    Remember the lies of Watergate, Monica Lewinsky and now our illustrious President, Congress and Judiciary. Everyone MUST continue to remember the old adage…..”if you give them an inch they will take a mile”. If the populace doesn’t wake up from their stupor the day will come that they will be rudely awakened and find their “secure” way of life is now gone.

    Unfortunately, Promises and Integrity have fallen into the same pit as excuses…..ah….word definitions.

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