“The Real Story in Iraq” (Facts in Iraq from Jaif)

I have a new source for updates on what is really happening in Iraq. Although I am not able to reveal his identity, I hope you will follow along on his updates when they are sent. Please enjoy some real reports on the happenings in Iraq……..in the future, I will title all his reports as “Facts in Iraq from Jaif.”

article-2658286-1EC9481000000578-744_634x357“I am a former western government official with ten years of ongoing experience in Iraq.”
“What we are seeing in Iraq is the next stage of international Jihadism.” 
“The success of ISIS is creating a new jihadist plan of action. The use of abhorrent and industrial scale terrorism works. It worked for Ghangis Khan, it worked for the SS, and it works for ISIS. This message is going viral and it will infect jihadists worldwide because ISIS has for the moment achieved concrete results on the ground, the true test of a Jihad, and because ISIS has effective media operations to propagate this message.”
“They are not just being cruel, they are glorifying their cruelty as the one path that works in defeating their enemies and expanding the Caliphate. Their tactics are taken from the Koran and from Pol Pot.” 
“This is a deviation from AQ’s formula which was to strike the “far enemy”, Christendom. ISIS intends to attack the “near enemy”, imperfect Islamic States, and then attack the west. However, the message that will be propagated will be to attack both the far and near enemy simultaneously.”
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