Trump or Clinton? Who Will Really Fight the Status Quo?


The mainstream media spent the entire weekend slamming Donald Trump for locker room comments made eleven years ago, while ignoring Hillary’s released emails exposing her dreams of completely open borders, total globalization, an economy controlled by Wall Street insiders, and single payer healthcare.  Hillary  made it very clear over the weekend that she feels it is appropriate for her to say anything in order to win the White House, even if it isn’t true. After all the American people are deplorable, racist, bigoted, irredeemable basement dwellers who are too stupid to understand or make decisions about their own lives.

Let’s start with open borders. We currently have millions of illegals who have  crossed our borders and are receiving free housing, jobs and healthcare, paid for by the American taxpayer. Are we are now to accept and allow anyone and everyone into our country? Can you imagine what the United States would look like 4 years from now if our borders were left completely unchecked? Massive population growth, untold numbers of terrorists, gangs and drug lords setting up business in our local communities, schools overflowing, taxes through the roof, traffic unmovable, lawlessness unchecked, and mass chaos. The reality of open borders is truly a disaster that can be imagined  if Hillary wins the White House.

What about total globalization trumping local business and US-based companies? Our markets flooded with products and companies from around the world with no thought given to the American people,small business and the consequences to our economy, products,  jobs, or our safety?

After the disaster caused by Wall Street banks and government during the housing bubble collapse, can any of us imagine what would happen if we were to place the responsibility of the US economy in the hands of these same Wall Street banks? We currently see the results of the corruption allowed under Democratic policies like Dodd Frank, which have created behemoth banks that are too big to fail while forcing the American taxpayer to bail them out when their corruption is left  unchecked. Not one banker on Wall Street was held accountable, by our government, for the millions of Americans who lost their homes and their savings, walking away richer by betting on the very corruption and chaos they created. In recent months we have seen more corruption from big banks like Wells Fargo, fraudulently stealing money from hard-working Americans in order to fatten their own wallets, unchecked by regulators.  But yes, Hillary wants to place our  economy in the hands of the very crooks who crippled it in exchange for their own power and wealth. The very same power players who are now funding Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

We have all seen the results of placing healthcare in the hands of the government. President Obama’s legacy, the Affordable Care Act, falling under its own weight, and the VA failing to treat and care for our military.   Veterans who sacrifice their very lives to protect the freedoms of the American people, allowed to die as they wait for doctor appointments and are refused care.  Promises by Democrats to fix the situation left unfulfilled while VA employees are offered bonuses and promotions on the back of our dead veterans. Millions of Americans thrown out of the very policies and doctor’s offices Obama promised they could keep, healthcare costs rising astronomically while promises of  savings go down the drain.  Trillions of dollars wasted and hundred’s of promises unkept.

Now, the  Clinton camp dares to condemn Trump for locker room comments made eleven years ago while at the same time, Bill Clinton, responsible for multiple rapes and sexual attacks on female Democratic campaign volunteers, goes unpunished.  Trump called disgusting, while Hillary unleashes verbal attacks and smear campaigns on her husband’s victims, in order to clear the president of his unconscionable behavior.

We, the American people must ignore the blatant distractions being used by the Clinton camp, fueled by the media, in order to push through a corrupt agenda, by politicians who have never been held accountable for their own actions. We must all seek the truth, purposefully hidden by mainstream media, in order to make a truly educated decision on who can really make America great again.

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