Will President Hillary Pardon Herself?


Although the FBI declared yesterday that Hillary Clinton will not be prosecuted for her crimes involving her reckless handling of classified information, she is still being investigated for public corruption and “pay for play” schemes involving the Clinton Foundation. But what will happen if Hillary becomes the next president of the United States? President Obama will pardon her in order to protect himself from being exposed in her web of lies and deceit or President Hillary will be within her legal rights to pardon herself for all crimes committed since she entered into public life over 30 years ago. She will NEVER be punished for what she has done to this country.

Over the last year the public has been made aware of the “pay for play” scheme that the Clinton Foundation has been and continues to be involved in. This began when Hillary was Secretary of State. In exchange for a hefty donation to the Foundation, Hillary made it possible for Russia to get their hands on 20% of US uranium that is now being sold to Iran. Since the horrible Iranian deal, made by Obama and John Kerry, their number one goal is to destroy western civilization and now, thanks to Hillary, they are on their way. Recently we discovered the Clinton’s paid for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding from donations to the Clinton Foundation. We have all had a front row seat to her willful recklessness in the handling of National Security secrets and classified information. It was recently discovered that Hilary was allowing her maid to print copies of President Obama’s daily CIA briefing and Huma Aberdeen was forwarding classified information to her home computer where her husband, Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, had open access to National Security Secrets and God knows what else, all while he was forwarding perverted texts to an underage child in North Carolina. This sick and twisted web of lies, deceit and willful corruption will continue under the presidency of Hillary Clinton, if she is elected.

The American people have a very important decision to make tomorrow when they go to the polls. Whether or not you are thrilled with either of your choices, you have to look very clearly at each candidate and decide, NOT who offends you the most, but who will FIGHT for the American people. We have seen the Clinton Camp lie and plead the fifth, ad nauseum, throughout the Obama presidency and during her attempt to take the most important office in the United States. The IRS was caught targeting conservatives because of their political beliefs, the Attorney General of the Justice Department was caught by a reporter corroborating with Bill Clinton, while he and Hillary, were both under federal investigation. The mainstream media have been caught red-handed lying to the people, handing over questions to Hillary before debates, asking the Clinton camp what questions they should ask her opponent in the presidential debates. The head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Shultz was fired for rigging the election in Hillary’s favor while throwing Bernie Sanders under the bus and was then immediately hired by the Clinton camp. Add insult to injury, Hillary has pointed the finger at Wall Street while behind closed doors, she has taken millions of dollars in donations from them and has said she would like them to take over the control of our economy. She also wants to grant amnesty to 30-40 million illegals in this country and dreams of completely open borders within the United States. Although we have all seen the devastation occurring in France and Germany at the hands of unvetted refugees, Hillary is determined to open our borders to hundreds of thousands of these same refugees. She will also have the opportunity to appoint up to four new Supreme Court Justices, who she will use to further destroy our rights to the freedom of speech, religion and bearing arms. The lies and corruption have been on clear display for everyone to see and like her predecessor, she has told us exactly what she plans on doing to further fundamentally transform the United States.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump was exposed on a tape using locker room talk and calling out Rosie O’Donnell. His comments were and still remain offensive to most Americans, however, he has not called for an audit on any taxpayers for their support of Hillary Clinton. He has not shared or disclosed confidential information that placed FBI assets in danger or caused them to be killed. He has not sold out the United States to fatten his own wallet. He has been accused of actually following the tax law that was written and put in place by our very own government and is the first candidate who actually made his fortune BEFORE he ran for government office. He has not taken a dime from special interests in this campaign, but has used his own money and donations from United States citizens.

You have to ask yourself one question. Who do you think will use the office of the Presidency to better the country and put the American people first?

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Hillary; Judged By Gender, Not By Character! Part One


Can anyone forget the love affair between Barack Obama and the media in the 2008 presidential election? They fell for him hook, line and sinker, based on his race, without doing their due diligence.  All Americans are now suffering the consequences of their failure to accurately inform the American people. The closer we come to the end of his presidency, the more details emerge about his questionable background, family ties, mentors, education and his promise to fundamentally change the United States. Had the media done their jobs, would Barack Obama have been the Democratic nominee?

Are we to suffer the same consequences regarding Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency and the media’s purposeful cover up of her past? As a result, we must ask the appropriate questions and shine a light on the history of a woman who has been under criminal investigation from the moment she descended into the public light.

If you google Hillary and Bill Clinton, you will find site after site detailing their numerous scandals, beginning from the moment they stepped into the public realm and before. If you are not aware of their questionable activities, then you have not done your due diligence before heading into the voting booth in November.  I know, everyone is too busy with jobs, kids, and life in general to take the time required to research Hillary and Bill Clinton. Considering the number of scandals they have been connected with, it is, in fact, a time-consuming feat.  The one question I will ask of you, is how in the world can a woman with such a dark and questionable past even be considered as a potential leader of the free world? How, in the information age, can anyone even think about voting for Hillary if they have never typed her name into a search engine? If you don’t have the time,  I will dedicate a series of articles to educate you regarding the scandals that have become a normal part of Hillary and Bill Clinton’s resume.

Let’s start off with one of Hillary’s most despicable acts when she reached the White House. It has been labeled as Travelgate.

Billy Dale was the Director of the White House Travel Office. He began his employment in 1961 under Kennedy and held this job for 32 years, serving seven U.S. Presidents, including Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. The most ironic part of this story is the fact that Billy Dale even voted for the Clintons.

A family man, Dale was raised in the Appalachian Mountains and was the third of seven children.Losing his mother when he was just 16, he was raised by his father. Upon graduating high school, Dale went to work in the coal mines but quickly decided it was not for him. As a result he joined the U.S. Air Force and subsequently married his high school sweet heart. After leaving the military he went to work at the Veterans Administration. After only 14 months there, he was offered a position at the White House. He began his job in 1961 during the Kennedy administration. In 1966, Billy was asked to take over the travel department. He was occasionally asked to fill in and travel on a presidential trip. He accompanied President Nixon to China on his historical trop to re-establish diplomatic relations. Dale was promoted to assistant director in 1977 and then as Director in 1982. His trouble began when the Clintons came to the White House.

Billy said,

“We all knew that we were in for a rougher transition because we had heard stories from secret service agents that had gone to Little Rock for a two-week stay down there. And from the stories that the agents came back and told us we knew it was going to be different. We didn’t realize how different it was going to be.”

Harry Thomason, one of the Clinton’s closest friends and biggest contributors from Arkansas had an interest in Thomason, Richland and Martens Inc, (TRM) an aircraft charter company. They were interested in obtaining the White House travel business. When they attempted to convince Billy Dale to use TRM’s brokerage services, Dale declined saying he did not need a middleman as that was the job of the White House travel office. Thompson then accused Dale’s choice of airline as “decidedly anti-Clinton” and “Republican-operated.” Thompson than gained administration passes giving him unrestricted access to the White House. It was at this point that he passed on rumors to the Clintons that the travel office employees were taking kickbacks.  On May 19, all seven employees of the travel department were fired claiming reorganization and cut backs. They all found out later, through a press conference, that they were under suspicion for misconduct. Not surprisingly, friends of the Clintons were placed in the travel office having connections to TRM.

Every president has the right to hire new travel office staff. However no president had ever done so for over 30 years. But Hillary Clinton, instead of firing the travel office employees,

engineered criminal charges and then fired them, in order to  reward employees with ties to her past.

Tony Blankley, former editor of the Washington Times. said,

“When they turned on the travel office, where you had career civil service employees doing a great job …they could have fired him, but they accused him of a crime. They tried to ruin his life in order to get their lackeys in,”

Not only was Billy Dale  fired, but he was locked out of his office, accused of embezzling $14,000, and was unable to account for the money  because the logs had suddenly disappeared.

Gary Aldrich. a former FBI agent involved with the case said,

This taught me that powerful politicians can misuse law enforcement authority whimsically. And because it was the first lady who was ordering the investigation than charges have to be found. If we have reached the level that when a politician gets irritated with somebody and cause them to end up in federal prison then we have a serious problem.”

Billy Dale not only had to fight for his life, and deal with being totally humiliated but was also audited by the IRS two times.

When Dale realized that his legal bills were estimated at $750,000, he decided to take a plea bargain. But when he was informed he would not be able to proclaim his innocence he refused to take the deal. What followed was a 30 month investigation into Billy Dale and the subsequent annihilation of his life long dedication to his country and his career.

From a film documenting this case,

“One indication that this prosecution was a government initiated witch hunt was that the people who were allegedly victimized by the so-called embezzlement didn’t believe Dale had stolen their money. There were no victims here. This was not the government’s money at all, but the press corps. Many of them testified on his behalf at the trial saying they trusted him when he ran the travel office and still trusted him today. Wendy Whitworth – VP for CNN/Exec Producer of Larry King Live, Robert Hartman- CBS producer, Sam Donaldson and Brit Hume- ABC anchors, to name a few. When Dale’s attorney, Mr. Tabackman, was delivering his summation and recounting the abundant character witness testimony from coworkers and journalist, Dale was visibly moved, choking back tears.”

The charges were filed in 1993 and for 2 long years Mr. Dale and his family fought the charges. In 1995, along with all his character witnesses, the jury found Billy Dale not guilty in less than two hours. Ultimately the office of the independent counsel found Hillary Clinton’s sworn testimony, regarding the case, was factually inaccurate.

Mr. Dale and his family were destroyed by the Clintons.  A lifelong dedicated employee of the White House sacrificed at the altar of the Clintons.

Much more to come…

To watch more details, visit:

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