The Infamous Memo is Finally Released!

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Finally the infamous Memo is released and despite cries from Democrats otherwise, it is a scathing memo that uncovers the  weaponization of government by the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and top FBI leaders, to discredit candidate Trump as well as influence the 2016 Presidential election.

On October 21, 2016, the DOJ and the FBI asked and received a FISA probable cause order on Carter Page, a U.S. citizen who served as a volunteer advisor to the Trump presidential campaign. As stated in the memo,
“the FISA application had to be certified by the Director or Deputy Director of the FBI. It then required the approval of the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General or the Senate confirmed Assistant Attorney General for the national Security Division.”

Based on information supplied by these officers, a FISA warrant was obtained and renewed by the FISC three additional times. Renewals require a separate finding of probable cause. Then Director James Comey signed three requests and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe signed one. Then DAG Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein each signed one or more FISA application on behalf of the DOJ. However, no other information regarding probable cause was cited. As FISA submissions are classified, the FISC is dependent on the government to supply the court with any and all material and facts. This is supposed to include information favorable to the target of the warrant.  However, it was found that the government had four separate opportunities to provide a truthful accounting of the facts, but chose not to do so.
The dossier, compiled by Christopher Steele on behalf of the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign was the essential evidence cited in the FISA application. It appears as though the  original application, nor any of the subsequent applications disclosed the source of the Dossier, even though the origin was known at the time by senior FBI and DOJ officials.
The FISA application noted Steele was working for an unnamed U.S. person, but did not name Fusion GPS principal, Glenn Simpson, the DNC or the fact that Steele was working for and paid by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, or that the FBI paid Steele for the information.
The FISA application mentioned a September 23 , 2016 article by Michael Isikoff, focusing on  Carter Page’s July 2016 trip to Moscow. “This article does not corroborate the Steele dossier because it is derived from information leaked by Steele himself to Yahoo News. Steele was then fired from the FBI for leaking information to the media, although he stayed in contact with the DOJ. Later during interviews by the FBI with Ohr, Steele admitted,
“was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.
Although Steele’s bias was recorded and noted by Ohr and filed with the FBI, none of this was mentioned or included in the FISA application. Deputy Director McCabe testified in December 2017, no surveillance warrant would have been sought without the Steele dossier information.
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Democrats Promise A Future Of Lawlessness; Coming To Your Town Soon!


In Milwaukee, Black Lives Matter activists, looters and rioters set out to hunt down and attack any and all white people.  Sherelle Smith, sister of Sylville Smith, the criminal shot down in Milwaukee, called for rioters to stop burning down their own neighborhoods and businesses  and head out to the suburbs and burn them down.

“You’re burning down  s**t we need in our community. Take that s**t to the suburbs! Burn that s**t down! We need our s**t, we need our weaves, I don’t wear them but we need them. We need our gas, We need our food. We need this. You all want to hurt somebody, take that shit further out.”

Was she arrested for inciting violence? Nope! As a matter of fact, CNN, immediately portrayed her as a hero in their newscast. Editing her screams, demanding the death of white people, down to a call for peace.

“Family and friends holding a vigil marked by prayers whith his sister calling for peace.” -Ana Cabera CNN.”

When the media refuses to report the truth, there should be consequences. The media and liberal politics have become interchangeable. The incestuous relationship of the liberal press with government has reached a new high. Media Research Center has a current list of those “revolving between working on behalf of Obama and positions in the news media” which has reached 30. There should be outrage over the destruction of real journalism. When will these so-called news agencies be held accountable for their lies and the fallout caused by their misrepresentation of the truth?

If we shift to Trump rallies and fund-raising events,  we see innocent people attacked, beaten up, spit on and harassed for their political beliefs.  Since the beginning of the campaign season, we have watched the violence escalate, yet nothing is done. Have you seen these videos shown and reported by the mainstream media? No, and you won’t, because if a conservative, a Trump supporter, a police officer or a veteran is attacked for any reason, it will not be reported, because their rights no longer matter under the current liberal definition of free speech, freedom of religion, the rule of law or just plain decency. The so-called tolerant political party only decries violence when it serves their purposes.

Add insult to injury, our government has promoted and continues to destroy the rule of law in the United States. President Obama refuses to enforce our immigration laws, while the IRS hands out tax refunds to illegals. Companies like Disney continue to abuse our visa system as an excuse to fire American workers and hire foreigners, the Department of Justice, headed by Loretta Lynch, recently filed, before a federal appeals court,  that it is unconstitutional to hold criminals, who are poor, in jail when they can’t afford bail. The DOJ has also threatened to deal with anyone who dare criticize Muslims, while terrorism is  targeted at Christians, gays and women. Meanwhile hard-working, law-abiding citizens are targeted for the color of their skin and the Obama administration along with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, continuously blame law enforcement and white people for the violence.

We have all seen the destruction and mayhem caused by the importation of un-vetted refugees into Europe. Terrorist attacks and crime have escalated as a direct result of the irresponsible actions of  their government leaders. Yet, as our media refuses to report these horrendous events, our president and Hillary Clinton are determined to march forward with allowing untold numbers of refugees that cannot be vetted, into the United States and into your local community.

What has happened to common sense and the rule of law? It has been ousted as racism, bigotry and white privilege. Therefore, a vote for Hillary will result in an escalation of lawlessness and will soon be on its way to a town near you!



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