How in the World was Trump Elected?


A friend recently posted an article by the Wall Street Journal, on Facebook. The article was titled, ” ‘Deplorables’ Rise Up to Reshape America,” written by Gerald Seib. Intrigued, as I have always considered the Wall Street Journal to be a respected publication, I read the article. It was insulting to say the least. Sadly, I tossed my Wall Street Journal in the trash and have cancelled my subscription, and with a sigh admit that there is no honest ‘middle of the road’  journalism left in the United States.

We have all heard the bloviating of every major news station and every mainstream publication, who demonized Trump from the beginning, thinking they understand the reason that he was propelled into the White House. Of course, those of us who jumped into the “deplorables” basket freely with enthusiasm, relieved that someone was finally running for office who understood what was happening to our country, know the REAL REASON Trump won. We should all be asking ourselves why anyone would believe the mainstream media in their post-election frenzy, when they clearly lied, misrepresented the truth, cheated in the debates and flat-out lied to the American people during the entire election process. These same naysayers are now standing up clearly delusional in their belief that only they can predict what he will do when he takes control of the White House and the once most powerful Nation in the world.

Well, here’s a newsflash. They didn’t have clue when he joined the race, they purposefully tried to destroy him when he was winning the race and now they will misrepresent, yet again, what they think will happen to the United States now that he has won. In their infinite stupidity and allegiance to the liberal political elite, they scream racist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, bigot and destroyer of the atmosphere in a continued effort to scare anyone who might agree that we need change. I think, as a self-professed deplorable, I should explain the real reason he won from the point of view of a person who actually voted for him.

Unfortunately, the WSJ article is full of accusations, divisiveness and polarization which is, in fact, the message of the liberal left. A left who demands tolerance, unless of course you disagree with them, which will result in the destruction of  your personal property, the burning of your business or the beating of your life. Trump won the White House because the “majority” of Americans who voted for him….whites, blacks, gays, women, Latinos, immigrants (legal), rich, poor uneducated and educated, white-collar and blue-collar are sick of the lawlessness and the complete disregard for the exceptionalism of the United States and its people. The majority of America falls in the middle, not only in opinions, but in a class of people who believe that hard work, the rule of law and our constitution should be important enough to defend. This majority is tired of being sacrificed at the altar of Wall Street and the political elites through bail outs and stimulus given to the very people who destroyed the economy for their own personal gain in the first place. Crooks who were handed our money, earned by the same hard-working American people, who lost their homes, their jobs, their savings and retirement plans. Our money, given to the same crooks who were allowed to take the millions they stole and continue with their lives while never being punished or held accountable for their illegal manipulation of the housing market in the first place.

This ‘Trump’ majority was tired of hearing Democrats and our President apologize for the very things that made this country great and safe, while throwing anyone, who held this country dear, under the bus. A bus full of politically well-connected politicians, CEO’s and special interests who were purposefully throwing billions of American dollars to the United Nations while they, in their high and mighty, misguided infinite wisdom, want the UN to rule the world. ‘Globalization,’ the new buzz word of the liberal left. A word that ultimately means that the US should be bowing to the altar of the same power-hungry global elites who think they know what is best for the ‘stupid’ Americans. The same elites that want open borders that will eventually make America a place that no longer honors its citizens or puts them first.  If they could fool us in to handing over our democratic society, then who else in the world would dare question their intentions. The United States is a great nation and one that has served as a beacon of freedom to the majority of the world. A country that offers liberty, freedom of speech and religion without fear of persecution. A country where hard work will reap great success. A country where millions will place their money and their lives on the line, in order to be called an American citizen. However, ignoring the immigrants  who have lined up for years to become a part of this great nation, our political elite give ambassadorships, visas and passports to anyone who will write a check to their favorite charity….them. They chastise anyone who disagrees with allowing unvetted refugees, who have already committed mass murder as a thank you to those who have opened their borders, to overtake our nation by calling us racists instead of realists.

Meanwhile here at home, the liberal left, in their misguided self-professed wisdom decided to fundamentally change our great Nation. They took over our healthcare, promising lies of affordability, while knowing from the beginning that a single payer system was the ultimate prize. Our education system, taken over by government, is infiltrated with liberal professors and educators who slowly but surely poison the minds of our future generations. They begin by destroying the integrity of the our nation and then follow-up with altering our actual history to suit their twisted agenda of eventually controlling the masses.  Dumb down the youth of today so they can control the adults of tomorrow.  Now, their successful infiltration of the education system has resulted in a generation who think they are entitled to everything without lifting a finger. A generation who was congratulated and handed trophies in their youth for doing nothing. A generation who is so spoiled and uninformed that they demean the very people who fought for and died for their rights to insult our country and burn our flag without retribution. The same generation who, under the protection of democracy, burn their communities and destroy local businesses because they didn’t get their way. Riots and destruction funded by the liberal elites who use the youth to do the dirty work so they can continue to pretend outrage.  The same generation who cheer the corrupt political elite who have weaponized our government agencies and used them to attack and destroy anyone who dare call out their destructive agendas. A generation who cannot recognize how they are being used by the left to seal a future for the United States that gives the well-connected and the elites more power and more money while the rest of us are sacrificed at the altar of globalism.

Yes, Donald Trump was elected and has, by the wish of the majority of the people, separated himself from the old Republican party and the Democrats, by standing up for life, liberty and the right of every American to pursue happiness without the interference of a bloated, misguided, noninclusive government, who has forgotten its place.  Trump, though the power of the people, will put our government back where it belongs….a government of the people, for the people and by the people.

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“Obama’s House of Cards!”


Are you a fan of the Netflix Show, “House of Cards?”  I began watching the show last year, and because of my interest in politics, the show drew me in from the start.  While you are watching, you can imagine the reality this must represent on the Hill.  You can almost substitute characters on the show for their very real counterparts in DC.  I have to say that the show absolutely makes me sick, so why do I watch? On some level I guess it is entertainment, but fantasy always imitates real life and I can only hope those who watch will finally come to see the lies, self interest, back room deals, deception and manipulation that really goes on in Washington.  Are we watching Obama’s own “House of Cards” drama unfold before our very eyes.


I believe the current immigration situation in the United States is a real life manipulation and massive deception on the American people.  It would make a great theme to consider on “House of Cards.”


This “surge” at our borders has been going on for months right under President Obama’s nose. As a matter of fact, the White House actually advertised for “babysitters” to care for the expected flood of illegal children at our borders back in January, so this was obviously no surprise. The border has been easily penetrated for years and years, under Democratic and Republican presidents. As a matter of fact, amnesty has been granted 7 times, but Republican Presidents, Reagan and Bush instituted the two largest, granting amnesty to 7-15 million illegals.


I do have to give President Obama the overall “Care Less” award.  Why?  Because he says he is a huge supporter of Immigration Reform, yet every decision he makes, every time he ignores our laws, he is pushing the public’s hand at denying ANY form of immigration reform.  Every time he defies Congress he pushes them further and further from considering reform because Obama refuses to follow the rule of law.  He demonizes anyone who refuses to give him a free reign over immigration while he continuously refuses to protect our borders.


Obama claims the United States is more secure now than ever in our history.  Is this true? Currently, only 36.1 miles of the 700-mile double-tiered fence promised by the Democrats and President Obama, has been completed. Thousands of miles of border are not even patrolled due to under staffing. Does they really believe our borders are safe? Does he really think leaving the American people vulnerable to terrorists and drug cartels is keeping us safe? Does he care that parents, under the assumption that once in the states their children will be able to remain, are vulnerable to sexual attacks and trafficking as well as abuse and gang violence and recruitment? Are they being honest about the children currently crossing the borders? Would you feel any differently if you knew that the majority of the “children” that have come into our country are males between the ages of 14 and 18? How would you feel if you knew that a percentage of these “children” were MS-13 gang members? Did you know that they are still housed with the younger children and have been instructed to recruit more gang members? Are these really the “children” he is releasing in our towns and communities? Do we know whom we are handing these children over to? These so-called “foster parents,”  are also illegal and have no background information. So do we really know what is happening to these children once they are turned over? Are they really safer here than at home with their real parents?


He has successfully angered the American public because of his inaction on our borders. Illegals are entering the country with communicable diseases, including but not limited to tuberculosis, and being integrated into our communities and schools.  Funds to support them are being taken from American taxpayers and budgets in local communities are being stretched beyond their limits. The White House refuses to notify state government leaders of the arrival of hundreds and hundreds of illegals requiring housing and care with taxpayer dollars. Those responsible for keeping our borders secure are spending their time changing diapers and babysitting. Is this keeping our borders safe?

President Obama has refused to deport even the worst criminals that have entered our country illegally. In 2013 alone, he ordered the DHS to release 68,000 illegals with criminal convictions back into our communities. These were persons convicted of murder, rape, sexual abuse and pedophilia as well as robberies and gang violence. Why would he do that? How does that serve the American public?


Hispanics around the country point at Obama as the “savior” for their cause, but do they understand that he is actually the “Devil” in the details personally destroying their cause with the American public instead of doing everything possible to encourage immigration reform? Why?


How do legal immigrants feel about the surge at the border? They are angry. They have gone through the system legally and are now being pushed to the back of the line while illegals are granted green cards, driver’s licenses and now a possible vote? Are we rewarding illegal behavior? Will granting amnesty encourage others to cross our borders without going through the proper channels?


What is Mexico and Guatemala doing about this?  Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina held a press conference to announce an agreement to make it easier for those making the illegal journey to the United States from Central America to cross into Mexico. They are offering a 72-hour free pass to travel through their countries to get to the border of the United States. What is President Obama doing about this? Has he expressed his outrage at this policy?  Has he told them that we will stop aid to their country if they continue this behavior? Has he told them that will even deduct the expenses we are suffering from their aid until this is stopped Why not?



Increasingly, illegals are staging protests in Washington, D.C. and around the country demanding immigration reform and rights. Are they becoming too bold considering they are actually breaking the law by even being here? And now they protest making demands?


In New York, Senator Gustavo Rivera, a Democrat, introduced a bill to allow illegals to vote. He is supported on this bill by Representative, Karim Camara also a Democrat.  Mayor John DeStefano, Democrat for New Haven Connecticut, is also fighting to give the vote to Illegals and is supported by Representative Juan Candelaria, Democrat. They are determined to make this a reality along with driver’s licenses, free education, instate tuition, SNAP cards, healthcare and welfare. All supplied courtesy of the American taxpayer.  How much more can we be expected to give? Why are they determined to go against even their own constituents to make this happen?


If we look at the last presidential election, Obama and Democrats received over 93% of the Hispanic vote. What does this mean for the next election?


I think we can all put together the puzzle pieces…this is all about politics as usual in Washington. If Democrats get 93% of the Hispanic vote, and they continue to demonize all other political parties or views, then who is guaranteed the Hispanic vote in the next election? What about the 11 states controlled by Democrats that have voted to get rid of the Electoral college and move to the popular vote?  What? you did not know about that? Why hasn’t the press made that a lead story? Shouldn’t the public be aware if our current voting system is being changed? Is the plan starting to make sense now? Is this scheme best for the United States and its citizens or just the Democrats?


How can we convince the American people to agree to immigration reform?


Get our economy back on track. Force Harry Reid in the Senate to put the 42 job creation bills passed by Congress up for a vote. Stop releasing dangerous illegal criminals into our communities. Deport those who break our laws by entering our borders illegally. Stop offering taxpayer dollars to support those who have broken our laws.  Shorten the waiting period for those who go through the system the proper way. But most importantly….stop lying to the American public and SECURE OUR BORDERS NOW!!!



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“States Secretly Voting to Destroy Electoral College”


Currently, behind closed doors and under the radar, Democratic led states are deciding to change the way the United States has elected its President for the past 200+ years!

 Have you, the American taxpayer, been notified of this change? Have you been given a voice in this decision? Have you seen any stories on mainstream media about how our voting rights will be changed if this law is passed?
Eleven states have quietly signed into law a new bill, the “National Popular Vote Bill,”  which will get rid of the current electoral college and award the White House to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote. Why did they not go through the Congress? Why have we not heard about this on the news? Why has this vote been secretly advancing under the radar?
There is not enough support in Congress to make the change, therefore the individual states are taking it upon themselves to change the way the United States has voted from the beginning of our republic and leaving public opinion and state representatives off the playing field.  Could it be that the political force enacting this change feel the majority of Americans would not support changing our Constitutional voting laws? Have they have decided to take it upon themselves to make the change without any press coverage and without the public being aware?
Currently, our president is chosen through the electoral college. How does this work?  Each state is given a number of electoral votes based on the population of that state.  Therefore bigger states have more electoral votes. Americans go to the polls and vote for the candidate of their choice. The candidate that receives the most votes in any one state is then given the electoral votes for that state. This explains why someone can win the popular vote, yet lose the election, such as Bush in 2000, who won the electoral vote but lost the popular vote by 0.5%. Does this mean that if we had a popular vote, that Bush would have lost the election? The answer is no, because money would have been spent differently by the candidates in order to obtain the votes needed to win, regardless of the method…electoral or popular.
Is changing our Constitutional voting process the right thing to do? If you could vote whether to keep our current electoral college method of electing a president, or change it to the popular vote, which would you choose? Which do you think represents the most fair outcome?
 Stated in a paper by William C. Kimberling, Deputy Director of the Federal Election Commission,
“Our forefathers considered electing the president by a direct popular vote. However, a popular vote was rejected not because the Framers of the Constitution doubted public intelligence, but rather because they feared that without sufficient information about candidates from outside their state, people would naturally vote for a “favorite son” from their own state or region. At worst, no president would emerge with a popular majority sufficient to govern the whole country.  At best, the choice of president would always be decided by the larger, most populous states with little regard for the smaller ones. So, the constitutional convention proposed an indirect election of the president through a College of Electors.”
Here is a list of the states and the electoral votes they each receive as of 2012:
Alaska: 3 Nebraska: 5
Arizona: 11 Nevada: 6
Arkansas: 6 New Hampshire: 4
California: 55 New Jersey: 14
Colorado: 9 New Mexico: 5
Connecticut: 7 New York: 29
Delaware: 3 North Carolina: 15
District of Columbia: 3 North Dakota: 3
Florida: 29 Ohio: 18
Georgia: 16 Oklahoma: 7
Hawaii: 4 Oregon: 7
Idaho: 4 Pennsylvania: 20
Illinois: 20 Rhode Island: 4
Indiana: 11 South Carolina: 9
Iowa: 6 South Dakota: 3
Kansas: 6 Tennessee: 11
Kentucky: 8 Texas: 38
Louisiana: 8 Utah: 6
Maine: 4 Vermont: 3
Maryland: 10 Virginia: 13
Massachusetts: 11 Washington: 12
Minnesota: 10 West Virginia: 5
Mississippi: 6 Wisconsin: 10
Missouri: 10 Wyoming: 3
Montana: 3
The number of electoral votes can change with each Presidential election if the U.S. Census Bureaus’s decennial head count changes. Therefore electoral votes can be added or subtracted in each election depending on the head count within each state.
The “National Popular Vote” bill has now been signed into law in 11 jurisdictions possessing a combined 136 electoral votes.  They need 270 total electoral votes to bring the “National Popular Vote” bill into effect.  Below are the states that have already voted for the bill that will change the way the United States elects its president and the party the state most strongly identifies with:
Distirict of Columbia (3 electoral votes) –  Democrat
Hawaii  (4 electoral votes) – Democrat
Illinois (20 electoral votes) – Democrat
Maryland (10 electoral votes) – Democrat
Massachusetts (11 electoral votes) – Democrat
New Jersey (14 electoral votes) –  Democrat
Washington (12 electoral votes) – Democrat
Vermont (3 electoral votes) – Democrat
California (55 electoral votes) – Democrat
Rhode Island (4 electoral votes) – Democrat
New York (29 electoral votes) – Democrat
So, the question of the day would be:  “If your state is on this list, did you know about it? Did your representative contact you and let you know that your legislators were making decisions that effect your vote without your knowledge? Is there a reason that only Democratic states have signed on?
How might this bill change the way we elect our President?  Will it favor one party over another? There are lots of arguments for and against this change.
New Yorker  Magazine writes:
“The status quo is not good for small states. It’s not good for big states. It’s not good for medium-size states. The only states it’s good for are swing states, and their ranks are shrinking. Last time, there were just nine, marking the first election in a century or two in which the number of swing states was in single digits. There are now fewer of them than there are National Popular Vote states.
Keith Wagstaff of The Week, says, 
“ If the popular vote were paramount, candidates might actually visit the National Popular Vote states instead of spending all their time in Ohio and Florida.”
Professor Walter E. Williams of George Mason University says:
“Were it not for the Electoral College, presidential candidates could safely ignore less populous states,”
Gary Gregg II of the University of Louisville says,
“The National Popular Vote bill would mean ignoring every rural and small-state voter in our country.”
Morton C. Blackwell, from Virginia says,
“If the National Popular Vote bill had been in effect in 2008, Delaware would have lost 44% of its power.  Rhode Island would have lost 51.49% of its power. Wyoming’s power would have dropped by 65.48%. The pattern is the same for all the smaller population states. Gainers, under this bill would be the larger states.”
If we look at the 33 states that have fewer than 11 electoral votes, each state’s percentage of the 538 electoral votes is larger than the state’s percentage of the nation’s population. This information is based on a calculation by Blackwell, however others believe that the 33 below average sized states are ignored under the current electoral system because they are not battleground states and therefore do not receive any of the campaign events in each election.
Some argue that small states have so few people that they would not attract any attention from presidential candidates regardless of the voting system used. However, others  support the belief that the attention each state receives is dependent on whether it is closely divided by party not its size.
Let’s look at some interesting statistics.  In general, there are more Democrats than Republicans in this country. But, in terms of people who vote, the split is about equal. However, if you have a very high turnout to the voting booth, Democrats would take the election every time.   Do these numbers help you in determining if a popular vote would be more advantageous to Democrats or Republicans?
Regardless of your feelings on this topic, the most surprising element of this story continues to be the secretive way in which it is being handled.  Once again, the American taxpayer is being kept out of the loop. Decisions that effect each of us are being made without our knowledge. Politicians continue to be politicians and feel they have the right to change our Constitution without any input from the American people. When will your state representatives make you aware of any changes? After they have been made!
Are these decisions being made based on political advantage? Are the politicians who claim to represent the people making decisions based on their own welfare? Will the “National Popular Vote” bill truly reflect the wish of the people, or will it serve as a tool to save some politician’s job or his party?
You decide….but be sure to contact your local representative and let them know that we demand to be informed about decisions that will ultimately effect our vote, our lives and our Constitution!
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