Democrat, Republican or Independent?

Democrat, Republican or Independent?

We  hear daily many comments and read many articles from all sides, more from Democrats and Republicans than Independents, but each claiming different agendas and outcomes. Which is true? Who do you believe? Who do you support? Would you change your mind if you were exposed to the real truth?

President Obama and the Democrats want you believe that the economy is back on track.  Unemployment is coming down, and the healthcare website is great while the numbers signing up for Obamacare are almost where they should be to get the system on track. Although the cost has increased, not decreased, and the people who lost their insurance only represent a small percentage of the population,   those who have never been able to get insurance are now covered. A small inconvenience to those who have lost their policies and those who will soon loose their policies through their employers. A small price to pay for the 100+ million Americans trying to deal with the loss of their own insurance.

The USA does not have a spending  problem, therefore we should not be concerned about the deficit or the National debt.  Social security, which has been paid into by every American by force not choice,  may be insolvent, but don’t worry, welfare and food stamps are available for everyone indefinitely. No problem.

The greatest challenge facing the United States right now is income inequality. Those who work hard don’t pay their fair share and those with no job skills should be paid higher wages from the get go.  Why should an employer pay you minimum wage until you gain better skills, then pay you higher wages for unskilled work just because we demand income equality? We should all have the ability to own a home and a car regardless of the motivation to work for it. It is a right and not a privilege.  If you live in the United States, you are entitled to these things regardless if you work hard for them or not. Income inequality should be our main concentration, even though the poor and the middle class are daily stripped of their wealth, their jobs, and their health insurance while politicians see their income rise to the million dollar+ level as soon as they get into office.

The American taxpayer should be funding contraceptives and abortion up to and including 24 week old fetuses for every woman regardless of their  individual beliefs. No one should be able to mention the Bible,  God or Jesus in public schools or government buildings, because although this country was founded under God, we should be acquiescing to all those who do not believe because we might offend them. However, we must teach our kids about Islam, Budda and Kwanzaa because we need to learn about and be tolerant of others.  We cannot offer Christian comfort through pastors in the military during their time serving our country because it’s not believed by all, yet turbans, yarmulkes, beards, and other religious practices have to be tolerated and accepted within our troops because it is politically correct. They want pastors taken out and atheists to replace them. They are currently training the military that Christians are the new threat. But where is the tolerance for Christians?

The IRS admitted to targeting conservatives during the last election, yet the FBI has determined that no crime was committed even though they never interviewed the 282 victims that were actually targeted, and emails were discovered showing taxpayer information was shared outside the IRS for political gains. So now, the Democrats want the IRS to continue to target all tea party members through new legal legislation that prevents them from supporting any political nominee before an election.

Anyone who believes in their second amendment rights to own a gun, those who believe abortion is wrong, and anyone who stands with the Bible and believes marriage is between a man and a woman should not be allowed to live in states where Democrats rule. Will they eventually be run out of the state?

President Obama believes the NSA’s  collection of every email, phone call and intrusion into our financial and health records is good, because it keeps us safe from terrorist attacks, even though we have Al Qaeda on the run, and our top military leaders are being fired daily, 200+ so far. Our Global standing has fallen to new lows and that is a great accomplishment for this Administration. We are no longer to be the salvation or model for the rest of the world. We will bow to other regimes.

Democrats believe Common Core is great for our education system even though the US has fallen from number 1 in education in 1941 to 29th today.  They should continue on the track they have set because they, the government, know best. Teachers unions will remain the number one concern of this Administration because of political contributions regardless of their current downward pull on the education system.  Individual school vouchers are not permitted, even though the majority of the users are low income and poverty based students in “D” and “F” rated school districts, because we don’t want schools to close due to their lack of performance, because teachers might loose their jobs, and the poor might actually have an opportunity to rise above the fray.

They believe that the government should continue to use taxpayer dollars to bail out all big corporations because they have allowed them to get so big they cannot fail due to the economic implications. However all small business must succeed or fail based on their business practices and business acumen.  They feel they must control all ingenuity by regulating every step that you make. If you succeed in business, you did not do that on your own, but if you fail, too bad, your problem…no bail out here!

President Obama believes he holds the power and the executive privilege to pass and change legislation because Congress won’t agree with his agenda. He believes he has the right to do this, even though the process of disagreeing on policies is part of the checks and balances of our current governmental system. He  feels that negotiating is not part of a leader’s job, but standing firm on your personal agenda is, regardless of what the American people want or what might be best for the Country.

President Obama disagrees with what our founding father’s held dear and lost their lives to support. He wants to change the Constitution to fit his agenda. He believes he can pass laws and legislation that will fundamentally change our country because he has a pen and a phone.

Speaker Boehner and the Republicans want you to believe that Obamacare is a failure, but to fight against it and vote to defund it can only hurt the government and the people. God forbid a government shutdown,  that actually pays the employees their wage without working,  might actually help stop a healthcare bill that has devastated the economy, the job market and cost Americans over a trillion dollars.  They fight within their own party and call each other names because another group of more conservative Republicans, referred to as the “Tea Party”  have decided to fight to the death for the issues that their constituents actually voted them into office to change.  The means to fight these beliefs are not always the best path to take, but always add even more fuel to the fire within the party.  To call out members of their own party is more important than fighting against a common enemy, the Democrats, who are determined to fundamentally change our country. Republicans believe that our National debt is a huge problem, and that the government has a major spending problem,  however they won’t vote against a budget that offers up absolutely no spending cuts and even takes away the little ground made through sequester cuts. The more conservative Republicans demand and put through legislation that stops “earmarks”, because they represent wasteful spending, yet the Republicans vote on a budget that is loaded with “earmarks” even while American’s are losing their jobs, their homes  and their healthcare…… Kansas needs a research facility and a military base expansion, Georgia must have a port dredging project and Arkansas has to get funds to keep an Air National Guard base in business. The Senate appropriations committee said the local projects in the bill do not violate the ban on earmarking because these projects were about addressing specific needs. Really? Is there a difference?

The more conservative branch of the Republicans believe we should reduce the size of government, become more isolationists in foreign policy, secure our borders and get back to the Constitution and reduced government interference.

The public, it seems, has had enough of all of it!  There are those who would like to see the Democrats succeed in their agenda strictly because they are Democrats and there are those who will follow the Republicans simply because they have been Republicans all their lives. We have seen a huge upswing in the Independent party of late. The polls say 42% of Americans now claim to be Independent. However, are you sticking with your party because its who you have always supported or because you actually do the research and you really know exactly what your party stands for and what they are currently doing in Washington?  Do you get your news about Washington from the biased mainstream media, or do you seek the truth through your own research?

We all need to realize that in this day and age, we, as Americans, can no longer believe or trust that what we hear from Main Street media as the truth. I believe it is a true travesty that the “News Agencies” no longer report the “real” news. I grew up in an era where journalism and politics were both honorable professions. This is no longer true today. We used to look to the journalists for the “real” story and the facts. We can no longer count on journalists to give us the “real” facts of any story. What we hear is the story with a personal political slant. We used to count on the press to act as a check and balance with our political leaders. To question motives, decisions, actions and ethics. No longer do reporters like Bob Woodard and Carl Bernstein exist, to investigate and report the news regardless of personal affiliations. They were responsible for exposing breaking news which resulted in keeping American politics honest and real. This, will never happen again as this era of reporters and so called journalists no longer honor their ethical responsibilities over their personal beliefs and views.

We, as Americans, MUST do our own research. We MUST search for the truth. We have to stand up for our own rights as our government and the “news reporters” no longer truthfully seek the real answers, but look to deceive, distract and confuse the public.  Watch a sampling of all stations, read the Wall Street Journal along with the Washington Times and the Washington Post. Get emails from The Canadian Free Press and the BBC. Listen to Hagman and Hagman. Listen to what the rest of the world is saying about the United States.  The lack of fiscal responsibility in out country is effecting the rest of the world.  Find out what the rest of the world thinks!  Know what is happening right under your nose…protect yourselves and your families. You owe it to them not to trust what our government is asking you to believe without knowing for yourselves what the truth is!




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  1. Harvey says:

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  2. kay phinney says:

    Just a couple of questions…Is anyone frightened by the comment that Obama stated in the Post the other day when he said he will be using more executive power to pass laws,etc. because Congress is so divided. I shivered when I read this. He really is becoming a dicator! Another question…why is it that Obamacare (I will NOT call it the Affordable Care Act) mandates that abortions be paid for..even up to 24 weeks and beyond, but parents of premmies (22,24,26, 27 weeks) shell out thousands of dollars a out-of-pocket to save to try to save them?

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